Double stars : H IV 17*

Celestial motion
Date: 2022-05-24
Astronomical night: 22:31 - 04:26 (GMT -6)
H IV 17* Celestial motion
RiseDusk88°57° (Northeast)
SetDawn321° (Northwest)
Maximum elevation



351° (North)


H IV 17* Celestial motion
Information about H IV 17*

General information

Double Star H IV 17* has the magnitude of 3 and is placed in Canes Venatici constellation. The double star's apparent sizes are 19 angular seconds.
Having high brightness and large apparent size, double star is available for observations through a pair of binoculars or small telescope.

Information for observations

Tonight, 2022-05-24, double star H IV 17* will rise at northeast at 21:12 and will sink below the horizon at northwest at 05:45. Maximum elevation, 89° above horizon, will be reached at 21:17, when double star will be placed at north.

H IV 17* on the sky map

H IV 17* on the sky map
Object type

Double Star

Alternative names


Canes Venatici



Apparent size19"
Right ascension12h 56m 2s
Declination38° 19′ 6″