Double stars : H VI 10

Celestial motion
Date: 2023-06-08
Astronomical night: 22:32 - 03:47 (GMT -5)
H VI 10 Celestial motion
RiseDusk40°57° (Northeast)
SetDawn79°322° (Northwest)
Maximum elevation



359° (North)


H VI 10 Celestial motion
Information about H VI 10

General information

Double Star H VI 10 has the magnitude of 4 and is placed in Cygnus constellation. The double star's apparent sizes are 2 angular minutes.
Having high brightness and large apparent size, double star is available for observations through a pair of binoculars or small telescope.

Information for observations

Tonight, 2023-06-08, double star H VI 10 will be visible all night. At 22:32 the object will be placed at northeast, 40° above your horizon, and will be observable until around 03:47 when fade from view as dawn breaks northwest. Maximum elevation, 82° above horizon, will be reached at 03:10, when double star will be placed at north.

H VI 10 on the sky map

H VI 10 on the sky map
Object type

Double Star

Alternative names





Apparent size2'
Right ascension20h 13m 38s
Declination46° 44′ 29″
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H N 73Double Star1.25